About Frontier

Our vision is to invite and encourage our neighbors inside and outside our church to get on board the Frontier Express to become passionate followers of Christ 24/7.
We believe that God is calling our church (all churches actually) to be a family on mission. We compare this mission to a journey on a train – The Frontier Express.

Our Vison

In this analogy,
• God is the owner of the railroad
• Jesus builds the tracks
• Holy Spirit is the conductor
• The pastor is the engineer
• The fuel is supplied by the congregation in the form of Prayers, Presence, Gifts of time and treasure, Service to the church and others and Witness to what God is doing as we take this journey together.
We rely on the generosity and commitment of our congregation to fuel the train. Without these gifts of support, our train will remain in the station. We are committed to our core values which are:
Christ Leads — We Follow — Love Wins
As Christ builds the tracks to various communities and situations we are committed to follow where Christ is leading us. We also believe that when we have the courage to follow where Christ leads us, Love wins!
Join us on our journey!