Past Sermons


We store all of our sermons in a Dropbox.

1.You can download this application on to your computer (Windows 10 includes Dropbox, so if you have Windows 10 you already have it on your computer) or your mobile device. Click on the purple sermon button with the date that you would like to listen to,  then,  click on the the blue “open in app” button, then the  blue “Download the Dropbox app” button.

From there, clicking on the sermon button should take you directly to the sermon to play.

2. If you do not want to download this application, you can still listen to the sermons. Click on the sermon button that you would like to listen to,  then, at the top of the page is a blue bar with the Dropbox logo and name on the left, and a download arrow on the right. Click  the download arrow. This will download the sermon to your device for you to listen to.

2018 Sermons


2017 Sermons


2016 Sermons